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The new Nimbus C9

The new Commuter 9 made its UK debut this year at the Southampton Boat Show. The C9 is a purpose-built, rapid commuter vessel, constructed to equally meet the needs of year-round commuters, active day-trippers or those planning longer, staged journeys with overnight stays. The C9 prioritises spaciousness, surfaces and functionality…[Read More]


We have had some exciting new arrivals in the form of Axopar’s this week… Axopar 24 T-Top- In Stock We have both a new 2018 model and an ex demo 2017 model available in Lymington. Described as ‘Sporty and Distinctive’ the Axopar 24 T-Top is perfect for a wide range…[Read More]

The new Nimbus Tender 9

The T9 was showcased at the Stockholm Boat Show earlier this month and is the second boat to be released from the entirely new Nimbus series. The T stands for Tender and this is the first model from the new Tender series. The T9 is a 9 metre boat that…[Read More]

The new Nimbus Weekender 9

The world premiere of the new W9 was at this year’s Düsseldorf Boat Show. The W9 is a high speed day cruiser and weekend boat for social activities, offering overnight accommodation for up to 4 passengers. The W9 can be equipped with an inboard or outboard engine and is the first…[Read More]

Nimbus E-Boat

E-Boat Puts BMW I3 Battery Power To Use On The High Seas

More than just an electrified vehicle sub-brand, ”i” is BMW’s ”spearhead of innovation” for technological advancements. The latest fruits of that innovation spearheading can be found floating on the ocean in the form of the Nimbus 305 Drophead E-Power. We’ve seen BMW i3 battery power used for four-wheel, two-wheel and…[Read More]


Nimbus 405 Coupé The flagship has arrived! The new Swedish built Nimbus 405 Coupé is the largest boat in the Nimbus Coupé Series, which includes the 335 Coupé and 365 Coupé. The 405 Coupé is built using the same “sidewalk” concept as the award winning 365 Coupé and which was…[Read More]

New Stock Boats Arrive in Lymington

Offshore Powerboats are proud to announce the arrival of 2 new stock boats from the Nimbus production yard in Mariestad Sweden. Both the 365 Coupe twin engine & 335 Coupe single engine are now here in Lymington.

Nimbus Boats “BACK IN FULL SWING !”

  Nimbus production “Made in Sweden”  is the new video from Nimbus showing us the process they go through to produce 1 of the best Scandinavian built boats today. This video shows the modern technique’s used to produce a new Nimbus boat in their state of the art site in Mariestad…[Read More]

New Nimbus 405 Coupe

Modern design and design with smart functionality. New 405 Coupé is the largest model in the popular and award-winning Nimbus Coupe Series with “sidewalk”. The “sidewalk” deck layout maximizes space on the boat’s starboard side which makes it very easy to get on and off the boat and staying on…[Read More]